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A unique Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to be the only person to own the
only surviving very last Bonneville Indian Chief off the line in original trim.
1901 was the year that America's first production motorcycle was
manufactured. It was an Indian. In 1953 the Indian Motorcycle Company closed its
doors. But not for good. A final special limited historic production run in 1955 was
undertaken. This is the very last Indian manufactured.
It was built in 1955 two years after the 1953 company's formal closing. The
plant was reopened and a special crew hired on a time and parts contract to fulfill a
New York Police Department order for fifty Police Chiefs with left-hand throttles, right-
hand direct (no linkage) tank shifts and painted Indian red. Since there was some time

left on the contract after the fifty Police order was completed, they built five additional
civilian equipped Bonneville Sea Foam Blue Chiefs as a final run. Three of the Chiefs
are said to have gone to dealers in Pennsylvania and two went to Texas where this one
was purchased by Robert Stark, the renowned Indian enthusiast and restorer. On
November 15, 1977 Bob Stark sold the Chief to R. Burns for $7, 200 as documented by
the bill of sale of that date and Stark's Affidavit of Authenticity. Bob Burns stored the
Chief in his Prescott, Arizona home and never registered or rode the motorcycle.
I purchased the 1955 Chief from Bob Burns on April 15, 1983 and at that
time had the Chief delivered to Bob Stark shop facility, Starklite Cycle, California to
have the Chief thoroughly checked out and verify that it remained all original. The
1955 Chief was then air freighted to New Jersey as documented by a hand written Bob
Stark April 15, 1983 statement. Since then it has remained in my secure climate
controlled home garage

Fully documented, this Chief is the only known survivor of the five. It is fully
functional and original. I ride the chief regularly every year. The California DMV was
kind enough to issue me a new title so the original title could be preserved for historic
purposes. Magnolia Pictures used the Chief at a New York City Motorcycle show in a
promotion of the Anthony Hopkins movie "The World's Fastest Indian."

The original mileage on the 1955 Chief is 21,431. Pretty low for a 59 year old
Indian in top original condition. I make certain it is exercised every year and
maintained in top condition.


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