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Brand new Project..Vintage race car that starting racing in the 1970s and even Qualified in Nurburgring Germany in 1990..Great owner History!!

C2 1966 # 430, 96 SCCA, CASC, SVRA (ex Roy Sjoberg, Earl Pearson)

Original Color: Nassau Blue/Bright blue

Present Color: Red with White race stripe

Tires/Wheels: Hoosier 225x60x15 w/ 15x7 AR62 wheels

Engine: 327 factory, now GM Performance 350 H.O modified to 465HP.

Transmission: M-22, race-set-up chassis PER GCR

Modifications: Full roll cage, fuel cell, race seat, instruments, fire

system. prepped for SVRA, Group 10.

Built on 2/15/1966 and shipped to Nelson Chev., Seattle WA. Born

976AA Nassau Blue w/ 414AA Bright Blue vinyl int. The car was on the cover of the May 1979 issue of "Keepin' Track of Corvettes" when owned by Rick Lockhart of Lacey, WA.  He was the second owner and converted it from stock to a slalom racer in 1973 and painted it black with orange and yellow stripes.  He sold it to Earl Pearson in 1980 who pulled the race engine for his Trans-Am C3 and sold the roller to Stephan Gowland of Calgary, AB in 1981.  Gowland registered the car with CASC (#4-197) and raced it with a new Les Davenport engine at Edmonton and Knox Mountain.  Gil Stuart bought the car in 1986 and restored it to stock body shape for vintage racing and repainted it red with a white center stripe.  He raced it at Race City-Calgary, SIR-WA, PIR-OR, Westwood BC and Palm Springs CA.  He sold it to a CO dealer in 1989 who resold it to Robert Pass.  Pass never raced it just resold it to Ed Henning.

I have updated the car for safety and performance and have track tested it at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research two-mile road course in Garysburg, NC.  I will keep the car track-ready and drive it, track it, autocross it, drag race it and show it as often as I can.  Converted to race car and repainted red w/ white race stripe. Full roll cage and modified 350-V8 installed. Likely raced in northwestern US SCCA, SVRA and CASC. Has CASC Tag #4-197 on dash prior to 1990.  Sold by Robert Pass of St.Louis MO of Passport Transport to Ed Henning of Charleston SC at the 1990

Palm Beach Historic race at Moroso Park FL about March 10, 1990, where Bob Woodman of Woodman Tires test drove it.  Bob also prepped it for the 1990 AvG Old-timers Grand Prix in Nurburgring.  It was shipped to Germany with a group of SVRA racers organized by Alex Quattlebaum where it qualified under #430) but suffered engine failure.  It was shipped back to the USA without the engine and stored for two years before being in a warehouse fire where the log books were lost. Keith Mastriforte Special Cars Only in Oldsmar Florida partially refurbished the car after the fire and it was again placed in storage.  It was purchased by Roy Sjoberg, Zora Duntov Development Manager in the early 1970s and Father of the Dodge Viper who brought it to Indian River MI. He restored it to current SVRA Group 10 race components at the Stop Shop. Restoration included a new GM 350 H.O crate engine enhanced to the previous engine status of approx. 465HP by Wolverine Performance.  It was track tested then advertised for sale by Werner Meier (Master Works Corvette Restorations) and purchased by the current owner.  $59,500 

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