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The ultimate Corvette powerplant: the LS9. ,a new crate LS9 from Scoggin-Dickey out of Lubbock, Texas. : a ZR-1 motivated 1967.

To get the power to the pavement, this restomod uses a six-speed TREMEC transmission, built-up with carbon-fiber syncros, a strengthened input shaft and finished with a McLeod dual disc clutch setup. All this goodness leads to a narrowed and extended 9-inch Moser rear and axles out back. It’s here that Greg Colletti built a custom sheetmetal cover for the big Ford pumpkin so it could fit comfortably in the rear compartment of this particular Chevy roadster.

big tires. The answer was to give Bill’s 1967 some beefier shoulders out back, thanks to a set of widebody quarter-panels.

The LS9 crate engine comes ready to install, and Greg wasted no time in getting it into the car. In stock form these supercharged powerplants push 638 hp at the crank. Bill then encased it with some high-quality components, including a 2 1/2-inch heat exchanger and a 20 gal/min circulating pump for the intercooler. An Aeromotive A-1000 fuel pump with variable fuel pressure regulator, along with custom relay circuitry, help keep this beast fed.  $175000

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