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In 1959 Bill Mitchell and Peter Brock and Larry Shinoda then worked with Team from GM racing division built the first Stingay Racer (XP87) based from the 1957 Corvette SS project that was stillborn. The Stingray racer went on to win mutliple U.S. racing titles including Dick Thompsons win of the SCCA national championship. After the Stingray racer was put out to pasture people forgot about it and was restored in the 90s and now sits among the most influential cars that GM ever built! The Stingray of the 60s and even the new C7s took styling from this very car. It is in their GM Heritage collection in Detriot!.......


Here is something for you about the Stingray racer Tribute car i am Building today.

A little back history on how this rare Corvette take-off came to be, and then not to be.

Back in 1964, a fellow named Warren “Bud” Goodwin started the Fiberfab Company, which made fiberglass street rod parts and customized body panels for the hot new Mustang. Goodwin eventually branched out into full body kits, including one called the Centurion that would fit on a Corvette C1 or C2 chassis (1953-67).

Naturally, after Goodwin liked the Centurion so much, he couldn’t resist racing it, where it drew the attention of GM lawyers for its uncanny resemblance to the original Bill Mitchell Stingray racer.

But before GM could sue Goodwin, Goodwin himself put an end to the company when he caught his wife in the arms of her lover, “accidentally” shot the other man, and was nevertheless found guilty of the slaying and sent off to prison. By the way, GM lawyers sued and did shut down production of the Centurion  shortly afterwards.

But not before Goodwin had produced seven or eight of the Centurions!

This Centurion has been rebodied and extensive body work has improved the look of this car. At the moment I am driving and testing the Unique Centurion or what I like to call the Bill Mitchell Stingray Racer Tribute car.

Soon it will be painted Inca Silver and a new matching silver leather interior with be installed.  Stay Tuned!

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